Headache in cerebrovascular disorders

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Elena Lebedeva, Jes Olesen, Nathalia Gourary, Anton Ushenin and Anastasia Busygina.

JO has directed a major collaborative project with associate professor Elena Lebedeva, Ural State University, Jekaterinburg, Russia. He is co-supervisor of 4 PhD students, all neurologists. One PhD project is completed. It is an interview study of more than 3000 Russians from 3 different social groups. It focuses on prevalence, risk factors and previous diagnosis and treatment. The Next is a large study where more than 600 stroke patients have been interviewed in the acute phase of stroke and at least 3 months later. It contains a wealth of data and will result in 3 PhD theses. Lastly more than 300 patients with saccular intracranial aneurysm have been interviewed and have donated blood for genetic analysis. Collection is still ongoing. It will result in one, maybe two PhD theses.

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