Headache classification research

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Jes Olesen, Elena R. Lebedeva, Nooshin Yamani, Mona Ameri Chalmer.


Jes Olesen has chaired the International Headache Classification Committee for more than 30 years including the latest 3rd edition of the classification. He has also conducted extensive epidemiological studies of headache diseases in parallel with the classification work. He has for many years conducted classification research, in recent years mostly in collaboration with professor Lebedeva´s group in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Current projects

We have finished research of the diagnostic criteria of chronic migraine, migraine with brainstem aura and headache attributed to transient ischemic attack. Currently, we work on headache attributed to ischemic stroke as well as persistent headache attributed to ischemic stroke and on the diagnostic criteria for transient ischemic attack and vestibular migraine. ​

Updated 02-12-2021
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