Chronic post-traumatic headache

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Rigmor Jensen, Dorte Kjeldgaard, Hysse Forchhammer.


​Chronic post-traumatic headache (CPTH) attributed to mild head injury is still a significant mystery for patients as well as for headache experts and very costly for the society. Clear correlation between severity of injury and the persistence of symptoms over time is lacking and has led to a hypothesis of psychological aetiology to CPTH. Both pharmacological treatments as well as a psychological intervention have not yet shown promising results.

​Current projects

Describe a large CPTH population in detail in terms of demographics, headache characteristics and personality profile and compare them to a group of patients with chronic primary headache. A group intervention based on cognitive behavioural therapy, in order to provide the patients with knowledge and strategies to manage their CPTH has been conducted. The results were rather disappointing as very little progress were achieved compared to the waiting list group. Further analysis is ongoing and the treatment strategy will ​be adjusted accordingly.​

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