Master of Headache Disorders

​The Master programme of Headache Disorders will provide healthcare professionals expertise in headache research and treatment.
The University of Copenhagen and the Danish Headache Center have created an ideal base for an international Master of Headache Disorders. The collaboration between the two institutes ensure the Master of Headache Disorders is driven and developed on an internationally high level and it is approved and accredited by Danish Accreditation Institution.

The purpose of the programme is to educate healthcare professionals of headache disorders to gain expertise in headache research and treatment. The master programme lasts two years and is a part-time study which makes it possible to combine it with full time job.

For more information about the Master of Headache Disorders programme:

Professor Rigmor Jensen and the first masters in Headache Disorders, June 2018 

Maria Bograkou from Sweden/Greece receives her Master´s Degree from director Rigmor Jensen and co-director Henrik W. Schytz.


Seyed Hamidreza Mohsemi from Denmark/Iran and Carl Göbel from Germany


Elena Lebedeva from Russia together with Professor Jes Olesen


Sonja Antic from Denmark/Croatia and Susie Lagrata from England

Updated: 18-10-2022

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