About the Danish Headache Center

​The Danish Headache Center is the first headache center in Denmark and Scandinavia to offer a multidisciplinary ​​approach to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with rare or severe headache disorders and cranial neuralgias.​​

​The Danish Headache Center is also a referral resource for patientes with difficult headache diseases referred from private neurologists and outpatient neurology clinics.

During the initial visit, the Center’s neurologists make an accurate diagnosis of the type of headache. Comprehensive individual or group treatment programs are then recommended based on the patient's specific history, prior treatment and current diagnosis. The Center has a multidisciplinary inpatient program for patients with particularly severe and complicated headache disorders. 

In addition, the Center includes one of the leading Headache Research Groups in the world. The Center participates in pre- and postgraduate teachings for medical students, neurologists, general practitioners, pain specialists, dentists, nurses, psychologists, and physiotherapists. 

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