Strategie for the Neuroscience Centre

​The Neuroscience Centre has committed itself to a strategy involving the departments and research units in the centre.


International leaders in research focused on improving treatment and care of disorders of the nervous system.


  • National referral centre for highly specialized diagnostic evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and care for patients with neurological disorders 
  • Referral centre for Copenhagen and surrounding areas for patients with neurological disorders
  • Basic, translational and clinical research for understanding the nervous system and mechanisms of disease and for developing new methods and innovation in prevention, excellent treatment and care.
  • Education of multidisciplinary health care professionals and researchers


In order to fulfill our missions we strive to 

  • Involve patients and caregivers in the planning of research and clinical services with focus on personalized medicine nurturing collaboration between specialized groups of clinicians and researchers  
  • Collaborate with international public and private partners in innovation and research.
  • Collaborate with national health authorities, hospitals and primary health care as well as international organizations in the advancement of programmes and guidelines for treatment and care.
  • Interact with health care providers, patient associations, and other societal organisations for improving patient care
  • Raise public awareness about the recognition, prevention and treatment of neurological disorders   
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