Translational Empowerment

​A research project by Vibeke Zoffmann

  • OVERCOME - trial at RH & Steno Odense measures the effectiveness of the guided self-determination method in T2 diabetes (Anne Sophie Mathiesen’s post.doc.)
  • EMPOWER-UP - a questionnaire to measure relational empowerment has been developed and is in the phase of validation in DK, GB & AUS (Emilie Marqvorsen’s ph.d.)

PERSON-SPECIFIC EVIDENCE: Theory development using pragmatic grounded theory conducted in an international group of researchers from DK, NO, SWE & AUS 

MMR vaccination – the landscape of attitudes is explored in a qualitative thematic analysis in collaboration with Lone Graff Stensballe’s team in connection with the MMR vaccination trial

The VALUES-BASED PARTNERSHIP model has been developed in collaboration with the team of nurses at BUKIR, the department at RH treating children and adolescents needing surgery. Feasibility testing of the model takes place currently in selected situations and groups of parents and children/adolescents in BUKIR. 
The model which comprises advanced communication and one reflection sheet, Unfinished Sentences, is considered easy to implement and disseminate across various health conditions and settings. 

VALUES-BASED PARTNERSHIP will be tested in connection with the PROSPER symptom research collaboration at Rigshospitalet. Focus will be on the impact of values-based partnership on clarifying and alleviating symptoms of distress among patients and relatives. 

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