Support and care for women and their partner’s during and after an early pregnancy loss

Early pregnancy loss is a common complication to pregnancy and estimated to occur in about 20% of all recognized pregnancies. The loss is an unexpected life event for the women and their partner’s and the emotional impact of an early pregnancy loss can be grief as if they lost a loved one, anxiety, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder.
​A reaserch project by Thea Guldmann

There is an incidence of around 9000 early pregnancy losses each year in Denmark. 
An early pregnancy loss is a common experience of many women and partner’s, they seem to have unmet needs that only few interventions have addressed. There is a need to
synthesize the evidence available about their reactions, symptoms and needs in
relation to an early pregnancy loss with the purpose of developing an appropriate, timely and targeted intervention that meets their needs.

The overall aim of this future PhD study is therefore to develop, and feasibility test a targeted intervention. The specific objectives are: 
Study 1A - To identify available evidence on women’s and their partner’s symptoms,
reactions and needs during and after an EPL defined as the first 12 weeks of

Study 1B - To gain insight into a sustainable intervention should be designed to fulfill
the needs of the women’s and their partner’s and what outcomes are relevant to them.

Study 2A - Knowledge from literature in 1A and interviews in 1B will inform the
development of an appropriate intervention and patient relevant outcomes will be

Study 2B - To feasibility test the intervention and assess the chosen outcomes for
responsiveness to the intervention.

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