Research of dystocia including factors that might prevent development of non-progressing labour as well as known risk factors

​Research of dystocia, which includes exam of factors that are believed to prevent and cause development of the non-progressing and slow labour. The aim is to know more about how to avoid development of dystocia, which is known as a frequent complication during primiparous women in Denmark

A research project by  Sara Jochumsen

Dystocia is a frequent complication during labour among Danish women. 36% of all primiparous women in Denmark experienced dystocia during labour in 2016. Even though it is a common complication and medicine is needed to treat it, little is known about what causes and prevents the development. The aim of this study is to search in literature and hereby give an overview of what is known about risk and preventive factors of dystocia. Hopefully, this overview can guide further research and guidelines. 

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