OR Black Box – a data-driven paradigm shift in the operating room

The Operation Room Black Box is an analytic platform that continuously acquires various intraoperative data feeds, like audio-visual data, physiological parameters, non-technical skills, and analyzes these concurrently. The overall goal with our OR Black Box projects is to understand correlations between events, surgical performance and postoperative outcome.

​A research project by Kjestine Emilie Møller and Jeanett Strandbygaard

The operation room is a hazardous environment with up to 50% of adverse events in the hospital setting and we need a paradigm shift to capture prospective data to be able to enhance quality and decrease complications rates. The time has come to implement methods like the Operation Room (OR) Black Box to access the most closed and complex room in the hospital setting – the operation room. 

We want to mimic the airline approach by collecting prospective data and analyze all facets of the operation room with the OR Black Box platform. The overall goal is to understand correlations between events, errors, surgical performance and postoperative outcome – and thereby reduce complications and ultimately safe lives.

Material and method  
The Operation Room Black Box, was installed in a gynecological operation room at Rigshospitalet in fall 2020. Yearly we will analyze 300 operations. The OR Black Box continuously acquires various intraoperative data feeds, like audio-visual data, physiological parameters from patient and staff, distractions, non-technical skills, and analyzes these concurrently. The OR Black Box project consists of several sub-projects including gyne-oncology, endometriosis, benign surgery.

Future perspectives are to identify opportunities within other specialties, i.e. obstetrics and pediatrics, general surgery, and emergency rooms.

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