Home Chemotherapy for children with cancer - a feasibility study

The Ph.D. project comprise: 1) An explorative ethnographic study of children with cancer´s experience of intravenous antibiotic treatment at home using a transportable infusion pump and 2) An intervention study developing, testing and evaluating interventions with home chemotherapy in a user involving design with before and after measurements.

A research project by nurse and ph.d.-student Louise Ingerslev Roug

Children with cancer undergo intensive treatment with many serious side effects and frequent in- and outpatient visits. Studies show that the frequent hospitalizations are very disruptive to children and their families, who strive to maintain a normal everyday life. 

The aim of this Ph.D. project is to explore and test the feasibility of a home chemotherapy program at the Children´s cancer department at Rigshospitalet. We will explore and identify needs, challenges and possibilities to set up interventions with home chemotherapy in a user involving design. Then we will develop, test and evaluate the interventions with home chemotherapy. 

The methodical approach is based on The Medical Research Council’s framework to develop and evaluate complex interventions in health care using both clinical observational methods, participatory methods, surveys and qualitative ethnographical methods. 

The overall goal of the project is to support and ease the everyday lives of children with cancer and their families during the intensive treatment periods.

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