Feasibility and implementation of a digitalized version of GSD and video conversations

​A participatory action research project is ongoing to improve implementation and feasibility of a digitalized empowerment-based intervention, DA-GSD, targeted women treated for cancer and endometriosis

A research project by Master of Public Health (MPH) and phD Mette Linnet Olesen

Based on collaboration and continuously feed-back from patients and health care professionals’ necessary adjustments are made during implementation.
When moving from a randomized trial where the GSD program was applied as a paper reflection tool and face-to-face conversations in the physical world into a virtual world with a digitalized reflection tool and video conversations, it is mandatory to address how work flows and interactions may change in a complex real life clinical setting and document the maturity of the DA-GSD in a feasibility study. 

Further it is important to explore the users’ readiness for the technology and how individual needs for support in a digital environment can be identified and supported. 

Action Research (AR) is an appropriate method for this purpose. In a context, where new methods and competences are introduced and reset of mindset is expected, learning both at the individual and organizational is important. 

To implement DA-GSD targeted cancer patients and women with endometriosis.

To gain knowledge about the feasibility of DA-GSD in a real-life setting and based on collaboration and continuously feed-back with the participants to optimize and make necessary adjustments during the implementation process.

To provide Sundhed.dk with feedback on DA-GSD that can be included in the next version and to prepare recommendations for other departments wishing to implement DA-GSD.

To collect knowledge about patient’s readiness for the technology by using the READHY questionnaire with the purpose of identifying patients with different needs of introduction and support in relation to DA-GSD. 

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