Register-based studies on the effect of parental chronical diseases and use of medication on pregnancy outcomes and offspring health.

​Based on data from Nordic health registries and clinical databases, we are assessing the potential effect of maternal chronical diseases and maternal use of medication during pregnancy on adverse pregnancy outcomes and health in the offspring later in life.

A research project by Midwife, Master of Public Health, PhD Ane Lilleøre Rom

Also, the influence of paternal autoimmune diseases on offspring health are being assessed. 

The burden of chronical diseases, including autoimmune diseases, is increasing, and thus also the number of women and men becoming parents, while having these diseases.

Parental diseases at time of conception or during pregnancy will in specific circumstances influence the health of the offspring. Also, use of medical treatment may affect the health of the coming child. Still long-term health in offspring of parents having chronical diseases are less studied. 

Moreover, more attention is needed on the potential influence on paternal health on pregnancy outcomes and health in offspring later in life. Therefore, using data from Danish and Nordic Health registries as well as clinical databases, we aim to investigate the potential influence on selected pregnancy outcomes and diseases in the offspring later in life.

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