Breastfeeding consultancy and breastfeeding-based problems: Nipple pain/crack prevention, and treatment

Mitigating the breastfeeding problems using complementary medicine to prevent and treat nipple cracks in the postpartum period.

​A research project by Seda Serhatlioglu

I greatly value the importance and necessity of breastfeeding. Thus a holistic approach during lactation consultancy is needed to increase mothers' self-awareness for exclusive breastfeeding and alleviating breastfeeding-related problems. Nipple pain/crack is one of the most diagnosed breastfeeding problems that prevent healthy breastfeeding and cause early weaning from breastfeeding. So, my research aim is to improve the communication with mother especially during the pandemic and post-pandemic period to provide healthy breastfeeding and prevent/treat breastfeeding-related problems using complementary medicine. During my Ph.D research, I investigated the effectiveness of beeswax containing nipple barrier compared to breast milk to prevent and treat nipple crack. In the conclusion, beeswax containing barrier is found to be more effective than breast milk on prevention and healing of nipple cracks. I aim to learn similar practices in Denmark and conduct my research based on these practices. Together with that, Telelactation and Relactation methods to support healthy breastfeeding especially during pandemic period is another interest of my research. I aim to develop a qualitative study to compare the efficiency of these methods and similar approaches during pre- and post-pandemic period. 

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