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The Operating Room Black Box (OR Black Box) is a digital platform that can collect all available data from the perioperative space and the aim to optimize surgical safety and refine work procedures for all staff groups in the operating room and for patients.

Doctors, nurses, midwifes and other staff groups that participates in that operation room where the OR Black Box is installed will be invited and asked voluntarily to participate. If informed consent is not obtained, the OR Black Box will not be turned on.

On this website we have collected some information for staff considering participation or just want to know more about the project.

It is voluntary to participate and participation is fully anonymized

It is voluntary to participate in the project and you at any time withdraw your informed consent.

All the data collection during surgery is fully anonymized and cannot be traced back to patient or staff. The audio and video recordings will be anonymized by blurring of face and voice. All recordings will be fully destroyed after 30 days.

How it works at the operation ward

This illustration outlines the flow of how the OR Black Box operates.

Projects and publications 

See this page for information about projects and publications in relation to the OR Black Box project.

Links for more information

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