OR Black Box – General project information

Operation Room Black Box (OR Black Box) is a pilot project started in 2020. It will run until 2025.

The Operating Room Black Box (OR Black Box) is a digital platform that can collect a huge amount of data from the perioperative space and the aim to optimize surgical safety and refine work procedures for all staff groups in the operating room and for patients as well. You can read more about the project on this website.

The idea behind the OR Black Box

The OR Black Box is developed by professor of surgery at St. Michael's hospital, Toronto, Canada in collaboration with Air Canada and University of Toronto, based on the black box technology known in aviation.

The project group has throughout the past 15 years had a strong research collaboration with professor Grantcharov and are now a part of the International Centre for Surgical Safety based in Toronto (www.smhicss.ca).

Furthermore the project group has collaboration with other acknowledged hospitals in Europe who also use the OR Black Box.

Our goal is to make surgery safer by collecting a large amount of data from the operation room with the OR Black Box and thereby being able to understand more about the possible correlations between surgery and outcome. 

Data from the OR Black Box will also be used to research projects on education and development.


The pilot project will start up in one of the gynecological operation rooms at Rigshospitalet. There will be 10 sub-projects as a minimum within gynecologic surgery (endometriosis, benign, cancer) and anesthesiology.

Future projects will involve implementation of the OR Black Box in other surgical specialties and high risk areas at Rigshospitalet.

The project have generously received funding from:

  • Erik og Susanna Olesens Almentvelgørende Fond
  • Simon Fougner Hartmanns Familiefond

We will apply for additional external funding.

Data approval

The project is approved by the Danish Data Management authority (VD-2019-275).

Currently we are collecting data from a questionnaire study to all staff groups ‘Operating Room Black Box – premeasurement of staff perspectives’. This project is also approved by the Danish Data Management authority (VD-2019-165).

The National Committee on Health Research Ethics have evaluated the project exempt from the obligation to notify (H-18018801).

Read more about the project here

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