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​Information for patients

Patients on the gynecological operating room at Rigshospitalet where the OR Black Box is installed will beforehand be asked for informed consent to participate in the project. It is voluntary. Participation will not have any effect on the operation. On this website you will find all the information needed for participation.

The Operating Room Black Box (OR Black Box) is a digital platform that can collect all available data from the perioperative space and the aim to optimize surgical safety and refine work procedures for all staff groups in the operating room and for patients.

On this website we have collected some information for participating patients or patients considering participation.

Improvement of surgical safety and optimizing work procedures

The OR Black Box is developed by professor of surgery at St. Michael's hospital, Toronto, Canada in collaboration with Air Canada and University of Toronto, based on the black box technology know in aviation.

By installing the OR black box, similar to the one known from aviation, it is possible to collect a large amount of data from the operation room and understand more about correlations between surgery and outcome. 

A new method to collect real time data

The OR Black Box collects real time data such as audio, video, communication, distractions in the operating room, patient physiology etc. and is a new method to identify safety threats and resilience support during surgery.

It is voluntary to participate and participation is fully anonymized

It is voluntary to participate in the project and you can as patient at any time withdraw your informed consent.

All the data collection during surgery is fully anonymized and cannot be traced back to patient or staff. The audio and video recordings will be anonymized by blurring of face and voice. All recordings will be fully destroyed after 30 days.

The project will not effect the treatment or operation

This technology has no impact on the treatment or operation. The aim is exclusively to collect data to enhance patient safety and enhance work flow and additionally to see if there is need for organizational changes to create the most effective and safe environment in the operation room – for both patient and staff.

The aim

The aim of the project is to:

  • Minimize technical events and errors in order to increase patient safety
  • Refine work procedures for staff
  • Optimize the educational environment 

Global implementation

The OR Black Box is implemented at several international hospital institutions in Europe and North America. At the Juliane Marie Centre at Rigshospitalet, we hope to include 300-400 operations during the next five years where this pilot project takes place. 

Data approval

The project is approved by the Danish Data Management authority, read more under general project information.

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