Research overview and current projects


The main research areas in the Fertility Clinic are:

  • Treatment with assisted reproduction
  • Stimulation protocols for IVF and ICSI 
  • Embryonic selection
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Immunology of early pregnancy loss
  • Cancer and reproduction
  • Follicle activation
  • Multiple pregnancies
  • Follow-up of children born by artificial insemination 

For more information about the research areas see the publications of the de​partment or contact one of the researchers in the Fertility Clinic

A large part of the research in the Fertility Clinic is conducted by the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology​ (LRB) 
The laboratory is a research laboratory that primarily works with research within the female gonad. The laboratory also carries out experimental clinical assignments, such as cryopreservation of ovaries before treatment with chemotherapy.

Current projects

  • Egg depletion and normal reproductive hormone levels
  • Morbidity in ART children
  • Long term prognosis after fertility treatment
  • Freeze all strategy in ART 
  • Use of aromatase inhibitor for ovarian stimulation
  • Influence on oral contraceotives on ovarian reserve parameters
  • Immunomodulatory treatment of recurrent miscarriages 
  • Follow-up  of ovarian function after malignancies
  • Ovarian retransplantation
  • Ovarian follicle activation
  • Syncytin in human fertilisation

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