Research overview and current projects

Laboratory of Reproductive Biology specializes in human reproductive physiology in a broader context and in particular human ovarian physiology and reproductive endocrinology. This includes detailed knowledge on follicular growth and development, fertility preservation by cryopreservation of human ovarian and testicular tissue, assisted reproduction and culture of human embryonic stem cells.

Research areas

  • Follicular growth and development
  • Culture of human preantral follicles
  • Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue
  • Follicular activation of resting human follicles
  • Human embryonic and foetal gonads including effects for endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Isolation and culture of human spermatogonial stem cells
  • Effects of TGF-beta growth factors and IGF effects on ovarian funtion
  • Effect of gonadotropin receptor single nucleotid polymorphisms on ovarian function

Current research

  • Characterizing normal human small antral follicles with regard to intra-follicular hormonal characteristics
  • Development of new cryoprotectant media for freezing human ovarian tissue
  • Development of a new test to determine survival of human follicles in connection with freezing
  • Evaluating meiotic status of in vitro matured human immature oocytes
  • Developing reliable methods for follicle activation in human ovarian tissue
  • Evaluating TGF-beta growth factor expression in human follicles
  • Evaluating the importance of TGF-beta growth factor expression in ovaries from women with PCOS
  • Isolation and culture of human spermatogonial stem cells
  • Gene expression profiles of human embryonic and foetal gonads in relation to the mothers smoking status
  • Concentration of endocrine disrupting chemicals in organs of human first trimester abortions
  • The effect of IGF on human follicular development