Psychologist Tina Birk Irner


Tina Birk Irner is a psycologist at the Department of Psychology, Play Therapy and Social Counselling at The Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Tina Birk Irner has a PhD in psychology and has been working with psychotherapy in pregnancy and during the infant period. The treatment includes both fathers and mothers with difficulties in the early attachment with the infant.

Her main research areas are:

  • Prenatal environment and child-hood development consequences
  • Psychotherapy during pregnancy
  • Pre- and postnatal depression and consequences for the newborn family
Tina Birk Irner is currently working on a team project evaluating psychotherapy with fathers and mothers who describe depressive symptoms during or after pregnancy. 

Publications and CV​

PhD thesis:  

Childhood developmental consequences of being born to a mother using substances during pregnancy. From Birth to Adolescence.

Contact information

Phone.: 3545 5038

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