Chief psychologist Svend Aage Madsen


Svend Aage Madsen is the head of research on psychological and psychosocial aspects of rape and sexual assaults at the Center of Rape and Sexual Assaults and the coordinator of the Nordic Network on Research in Men’s Health 2004-

He is Vicepresident of European Men’s Health Forum, Chair of the Danish Think Tank 'Knowledge on Men', member of the board of the, President of Men’s Health Society. 

He is the head of the Department of Psychology, Play Therapy and Social Counselling at The Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen.

Svend Aage Madsen is Cand Psych in 1981 from University of Aarhus, Denmark and clinical psychologist afrom the Institute for Clinical Psychology at University of Copenhagen1986.
He was licensed as psychologist in 1990, licensed as specialist in psychotherapy and in supervision and of psychotherapy in 1995. 

His Ph.d.​ from 1995 had the title “When it is not happiness being a mother – psychosocial disturbances during pregnancy, delivery and the first time with the infant”.​​​

Research projects

Svend Aage Madsen has been the leader of these research programmes:

  • Relational Competences in the Staff Working with Cancer Patients
  • Dialogue with the Male Cancer Patient
  • Fathers relations to their infants and toddlers. Fathers’ attachment with their infants
  • Psychotherapy with men with parental depressions
  • The EU project ”Men’s Psychological Transition to Fatherhood – men’s mood disorders related to being a father”
  • The EU project ”Toolbox for a European Fatherhood” 2007-2009.
  • Co-leader of the project: “Men in ICSI treatment - Psychological aspects of male infertility”
  • Early intervention during Pregnancy, Delivery and Early Parenthood”
  • Co-leader of the project: ”Families with obese children”​

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