About Department of Psychology, Play Therapy and Social Counselling



The department serves the other departments at the Juliane Marie Centre with psychological, pedagogical and social support, guidance and treatment for patients and their relatives - for children and parents and in connection with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood - and in units for sexually abused children and adults. And to a lesser extent with supervision for the staff.


The department has three staff groups:

  • Psychologists
  • Social educators 
  • Social advisors.​

Our approach

​​The specialist areas ‘hospital psychology’, ‘social education’ and ‘social counselling’ are based on the fact that disease and treatment of disease affect all parts of the human psychosocial reality, and that health andrecovery depend on the human psychosocial state as a whole.

The specialist areas ‘hospital psychology’, ‘social education’ and ‘social counselling’ are to ensure that all psychological, personality, family, social, financial, social educational factorsare included and problems in these areas are treated as an integrated and inseparable part of the hospital’streatment. These specialist areas are therefore with each their own uniqueness part of the hospital’s core services.

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