Education and training

The department conducts education and training by having trainees within its disciplines. The research unit regularly trains about 15 researchers in seminars on psychological and psychosocial research. The seminars are included in the PhD programme.​


The department is working towards psychologists being offered the possibility of completing training with a view to authorisation, and further training. The objective is to establish a personal education plan for all newly employed psychologists with regard to specialist training as either a specialist in health psychology, psychotherapy, child psychology and/or neuropsychology. Training and education work should be conducted in cooperation with psychologists at other centres. As part of the establishment of a research unit actual research courses are created via the researcher seminars under, for example, the PhD scheme. In addition, the research unit will establish cooperation with a researcher school.​

Social advisors

Social advisors are continuously training in cooperation with the Neuroscience Centre and the Finsen Centre in order to be updated on social-legal and judicial areas, and to be updated on new organisational forms in the social services cooperating with Rigshospitalet.​

Social educators

Social educators take part in various courses to expand professional competences.
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