Current research projects

Ongoing research projects:

  • DANIDA financed cooperation with Danish Vietnamese Association and Childrens Hospital nr 1 , Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: neonatal survival includes 4 PhD Studies

  • EU project Horizon2020 on childhood asthma and respiratory diseases: cooperation with institutions in Vietnam, Uganda, Kyrgyztan, Cyprus and University of Copenhagen, department of family medicine

  • Rigshospitalet financed PhD project: NEO neonatal emergency outcome,  ongoing on Pemba, Tanzania

  • Developing an APP on respiratory diseases for use in Vietnam in under fives. Financed by private funds, cooperation with Seattle University 

  • Implementation of spacers in Kyrgyztan  in cooperation with Association of Respiratory Diseases in Kyrgyztan, private funding

  • Encephalitis project in Myanmar and Nepal, in cooperation with local Paediatric Hospitals. Private funding.

  • Research in  refugee child health

  • Malaria and iron deficiency in children in Ghana

Research projects in preparation:

  • EU proposal, INFANT.  (Infant and Neonatal Frontline Approach to New Technologies), grants received from RegionH and Ministry of Research and Innovation?

  • Danida Grant: NCD – low birth weight, Vietnam

  • Language barriers and use of interpreters for children at hospital in Denmark

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