Professor Kjeld Schmiegelow

Kjeld Schmiegelow is a clinical professor of Paediatrics at the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine at The Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

His main research areas are childhood cancer with a specific focus on:
  • The etiology of childhood cancer
  • Pharmacology of anticancer agents
  • The influence of host genomics on drug disposition, treatment efficacy and toxicity
  • Strategies for individualised anticancer therapy
  • Late effects of anticancer therapy and long term rehabilitation of children with cancer

Publications and CV
He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, and supervised more than 25 PhD students. He is principal investigator on the Nordic/Baltic treatment program for children and adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (the most common childhood malignancy). Kjeld Schmiegelow has research collaborations with scientists in Europe, the US and Asia

Contact information:
Phone: +45 3545 4843

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