Paediatric Oncology Research Laboratory

​The Paediatric Oncology Research Laboratory, Bonkolab, is the research laboratory for the Paediatric Oncology Unit at Rigshospitalet.​

Most patients studied have hematological and oncological malignancies. In addition, Bonkolab offers routine and research analyses for patients with benign disorders, who receive chemotherapy. The primary research domains are the etiology of childhood leukemia, individualised therapy based on pharmacogenetics, pharmacokinetics, and monitoring of minimal residual disease, as well as late effects of anticancer therapy


We focus on quality and service for our customers. The laboratory analyses include:

  • Analyses (LC-MS) for anticancer agents and their metabolites in blood, urine, and DNA
  • Isolation and PCR-amplification of mRNA and DNA
  • Genotyping (single nucleotide polymorphisms) by Taqman and Genechips
  • Cellsorting (FACS)
  • DNA-index analysis

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