Being pregnant is a complex process​ with biological and psychological chances in the body. Every pregnancy is at different experience for the woman and it is not possible to predict what and how the woman and the couple will experience the pregnancy. 

The standard antenatal care for pregnant woman in Denmark consist of the following elements:

Free standard antenatal care offers

  • Midwife consultations
  • Antenatal and parent preparation classes
  • Nuchal Fold scan with assessment of risk of Down’s Syndrome
  • Scan to dete​rmine any specific congenital anomalies

Other antenatal care offers at Rigshospitalet includes:

  • Smoking cessation programmes

Pregnant women at high risk will also be offered: 

A placenta test or a test of the amniotic fluid: The woman will be offered a placenta test or a test of the amniotic fluid only if there is a heightened risk of severe illness for the child. In 1 out of 100 cases the tests are succeeded by an involuntary abortion – thus the examination is not without risk. It is the woman, herself, who decides whether she wishes to accept the offer of an examina­tion or not.