Midwife consultations


We offer the pregnant woman 5 consultations with a midwife from Rigshospitalet.

The consultations takes place at one of the following places: 

  • Aldersrogade 6C, 2. floor
  • Blegdamsvej 9, department 4002
  • Kapelvej at Nørrebro

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We aim for that  you will meet the same midwife during all 5 consultations. This is not always possible because of holidays, illness or education. 

You can bring your partner to the consultations.

The first consultation
The first consultation is generally scheduled around 14-18 weeks gestation, unless you need to attend one of the consultant obstetricians. 
Please bring the "vandrejournal" ​from your general practitioner.   

Your first consultation will last about ½ hour. At this visit the following will be done: 

  • A detailed history will be taken by a midwife

  • Weight and height check

  • A general medical assessment

  • Advice on pregnancy related matters 

  • Information about Rigshospitalet's offer for pregnant women which includes prenata​l examinations and antenatal classes


Follow up appointments
Follow-up-appointments will be made with your midwife. Usually you will be encouraged to attend the Midwife Antenatal Clinic on four to five occations prior to your delivery. An appointment is required on each occasion. If you cannot make an appointment, please call to rearrange. This is extremely important, since others will be able to get the appointment instead of you. 

Satellite Clinics
We have antenatal clinic (satellite clinics) in other areas of Copenhagen. This is convenient for some women during the antenatal period. Midwives from the hospital are com​ing to these clinics.

If you experience complications during pregnancy, you will be offered at control consultation with one of the obstetricians. 

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