Antenatal class in English


We offer antenatal cl​asses in Engli​​sh for couples who are to deliver at Rigshospitalet.

The midwife will tell you about the delivery, what will happen and what to expect. She will also tell you about the post natal period, including breastfeeding.

She will answer your questions.


Registration is necessary.  To sign up for the classes call no.: 35 45 42 07, Mondays to Thursdays between 9-12. 


Antenatal classe​s are temporarily moved from Aldersrogade to Ryesgade.

Until further notice, all classes wil be held at:

Ryesgade 53,  2nd floor
2100 København Ø​

​You will register for one class lasting about two hours.:​

First class: Pre-labour and delivery.
Second class: Breastfeeding and the first days as parents.

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