Pregnant women that are not resident in Denmark and/or pregnant women who are not covered by the Danish Health Service

If you are living in an EU/EEA country it may be possible to be examined and treated in the Capital Region of Denmark in connection with pregnancy and birth on the same conditions (without cost) as Danish residents.

This applies in the following circumstances:

  • If you are employed in Denmark and have a special medical card.
  • If you have a blue EU medical card and you have not travelled to Denmark specifically to give birth here. The hospital will examine your treatment needs with reference to the length of your planned stay here.
  • If you have an E112 or S2 document which shows that your treatment has been approved by your own country's Health Authority.

If you do not comply with the above conditions it may be possible to be examined and treated at a hospital in the Capital Region of Denmark at your own cost if you have public health insurance in another EU/EEA country or association/ties to another EU/EEA country, Greenland or Faroe Islands. If you have public health insurance in another EU/EEA country, you can have your costs refunded by that country's Health Authority.

In all cases it is an absolute condition that you have been referred to prenatal handling and birthing by a registered doctor (either from Denmark or an EU/EEA country). You will be referred to a maternity unit in the region with reference to the Health Authority's guidelines. Maternity units in the region are located at Rigshospital, Hvidovre Hospital, Herlev Hospital or Nordsjællands Hospital (Hillerød).

The hospital will be selected after the patient's needs for specialised control, residential address, the capacity of each maternity unit and the personal selection of the patient.

Referral information must be sent to:

Den Centrale Visitation for fødsler
Gentofte Hospital
Kildegaardsvej 28, opg. 4, 2. sal
2900 Hellerup

You are required to send a copy of your special medical card, blue medical card or document S2/E112 together with your referral information.

If you are living outside Denmark and have questions about regulations or procedure for treatment in Denmark you can contact: 

Den Centrale Visitation for Fødsler, tel.: +45 3867 4085 


Patient Advice Service at Rigshospital, tel.: +45 3866 6644.

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