Labour and delivery

​​Through our work we want to provide optimal conditions for both you, your partner and your new baby during delivery.  When your baby is ready to be born you will be placed in one of our delivery rooms. Delivery at Rigshospitalet takes place at the maternity ward at entrance 5, on the 2nd floor. The reception for the Maternity Ward is in entrance 4, on the 2nd floor (section 4023).

Signs of labour

Your first sign of labour may be a show of mucous with a streak of blood, mild backache of your waters might break however, many labours begin with pains.

Contradictions/Labour Pains

These pains should be strong, regular and pain full, limiting your ability to walk and talk. Some women will experience irregular pains for a whole day before the ar actually in labour. Other women get strong, regular pains right from the start.

If this is your first baby, your pains should be coming every four to five minutes, lasting at least 40 seconds each. They should be present for at least a couple of hours before you contact the hospital by telephone. If this is your second, third or fourth baby, you should contact the hospital as soon as your pains are minutes apart. 


A show is a plug of mucous with blood staining. It is never bleeding. If you are bleeding please come directly to the hospital. A show is quite commonly accompanied by backache or lower abdominal discomfort. Please note that this alone does not mean you are in labour and you should wait for one of the other signs before attending the hospital.

Waters breaking

Once your waters break you should contact the hospital even if your contractions (labour pains) have not started. If possible please obtain a sample.

When do I go to the hospital?

It can be difficult to determine when it is time to go to the hospital. Remember always to phone us before arriving. 

You should contact the hospital if:

  • You are having a vaginal bleeding
  • You are experiencing severe headaches or visual disturbances
  • Your baby is not moving as much as usual

Whenever possible please call yourself so we can get as accurate information as possible. If you are worried or unsure at any time about your pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact the helpline, day or night, on 1813.

​Pain relief in labour 

We offer the following kinds of pain relief in labour: 

  • Epidural anaesthesia
  • Massage and counterpressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Hydrotherapy – bath and shower
  • Laughing gas
  • Morphine
  • Sterile water papule injections
  • Pudendal block


There are 13 rooms in the labour ward, with shower & toilet facilities. Birthing Balls are freely available for your use. Mobile phones are not to be used in the delivery suite as they can interfere with medical equipment. There is no visiting in the labour ward. You may be accompanied by your birth partner.

Don't forget to call before you come

Call us and notify us about your condition and when you expect to arrive.

Tel.: +45 35 45 96 30 

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