After birth

Following the Birth
When the baby is born it is placed on your chest, ensuring that he/she is kept warm. The cord is cut. The midwife will suture vaginal or perineal tears if that is nessesary.
Your baby will be weighed and examined by the midwife. Vitamin K injection will be given to your baby and an identification band will be placed on one of your babies ankles.

Vitamin K/Konakion
All babies are born with low levels of Vitamin K. In the first few days of life a Vitamin K deficiency may be life threatening but can be prevented by administering Vitamin K at birth.

Skin-to Skin Contact
Skin-to-skin contact is very important for mothers and babies. When your baby is placed on your chest, skin touching and the familiar sound or your heartbeat is comforting for him/her. Breastfeeding is then encouraged.

Postnatal Ward
Transfer to the postnatal ward usually occurs within two hours of delivery. The usual length of stay is 24-48 hours following a normal delivery. If you have had a normal delivery and you and the baby are well you may be able to go home after a few hours or the same day. If you have had a caesarean section, any complications, or the baby needs monitoring you may need to stay 2-3 days.

Early Transfer Home
The Early Transfer Home option is available to all women living in the catchment area even if the team has not seen you antenatally. Follow up care is provided by the team up until day 5 following transfer home. A number of women choose this option, following an uncomplicated birth, as they prefer to recover in the privacy of their own home, with the security of a daily visit from a midwife to assist with the care and feeding of the baby.