​Training at the departments of gynaegological obstetrics

The department participates in the following formal training programmes:

  • The bachelor of profession programme in nursing care
  • The bachelor of profession programme in midwifery
  • Training of medical students continuing
  • Training of nurses and widwives for specialist assignments
  • Training of sonographers
  • Medical specialist training in gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Medical specialist training in general medicine
  • Medical expert training programmes

Interdisciplinary training in the handling of complicated situations

All doctors, midwives and social and health care assistants at the delivery ward have completed training in the delivery of an infant with shoulders stuck in the birth canal and serious haemorrhaging after delivery.

Together with the nurses from the maternity ward, they have also trained in infant resuscitation and the handling of women in labour with severe pregnancy toxaemia.

The aim of these training activities is to enhance the learning environment, improve the clinical skills of the staff and to make sure that all personnel obtains maximum understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the various professional groups in complicated situations.

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