About Department of Obstetrics


The department carries out pregnancy examinations of pregnant women during the whole pregnancy as well as any treatment and admission.
All types of birth are carried out, except for home births. Normal multipara primarily give birth on an outpatient basis. Maternity is managed either at the hospital, the maternity hotel or at home.

The department has

  • A midwife consultation
  • A prenatal outpatient department
  • A centre for pregnant women with a heart disease
  • A centre for pregnant women with diabetes
  • An outfunction for the family outpatient department at Hvidovre Hospital
  • Maternity outpatient department
  • Reception of women in labour
  • Birth ward with two operating theatres
  • A prenatal department for obstetric complications
  • A prenatal department for medical and psycho-social issues
  • A maternity hotel for normal unipara
  • A maternity ward for obstetric complications
  • A maternity ward for medical and psycho-social issues
  • A recovery function
  • A secretariat

Our approach

The department is responsible for the preventive, health-promoting, treating and coherent efforts for pregnant women who give birth and are to stay in the department. The department aims at births and postnatal confinements to be kept as normal as possible, also in relation to areas that require specialist knowledge.

In case of particularly complicated courses of birth (e.g. women with medical and surgical diseases, obstetric complications or women who are expecting a child with deformities), the midwife coordinates a cross-disciplinary team composed across departments/specialities for the purpose of ensuring an early effort and a coherent patient course.

The department works in accordance with the WHO recommendations for the “Baby-Friendly Initiative”.

Patient audits and medical records, together with benchmarking on national indicators, are part of the elements to ensure that the department maintains a high focus on patient safety and quality development.

Communication is a special area of initiative where the department focuses on communication with pregnant women and their families, internal communication and communication with external cooperation partners. This is done through systematic patient satisfaction studies, regular meetings with the practice consultant and establishment of communication training for employees in the department.
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