Parental Questionnaire

The parental questionnaires will be comprised of the PARCA-R non verbal cognitive scale and a health and development questionnaire. The Parent Report of Children’s Abilities – Revised (PARCA-R) is a parental questionnaire that can be used to assess children’s non-verbal cognitive and language development at 24 months’ corrected age.

For this follow-up study, an online platform will be developed, where parents of the participating children will be invited to complete the non-verbal cognitive (NVC) part of the PARCA-R questionnaire, in their respective languages.

The PARCA-R questionnaire will be supplemented with a number of health and developmental questions to be answered by the parents as well. The questions focus mainly on the individual components of the moderate-or-severe NDD outcome definition, as well as quality of life questions. It will be available on the online platform as well. Below you will find a copy of the questionnaire in English.

The principal investigators will receive a link from the Study Manager (, to be forwarded to parents, so they can fill it out on the online platform.

Parental Questionnaire in English

Frequently asked questions regarding the parental questionnaire for PI’s