Web-based training and certification program

The web-based training and certification program for SafeBoosC III is open and so far, more than 1200 staff members from Europe, US, India and China have trained. We now provide the training modules in seven different languages: English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, French and German.

Training is not mandatory, but we encourage all staff members involved in the trial, to complete the relevant modules (see below), since we will report the overall certification rates in the main publication as a trial quality measure.  We strive towards high certification rates in each department, as we believe that this may benefit to the implementation of the trial in the local NICUs and hopefully strengthen the quality of the intervention. 
Nurses: introduction, NIRS monitoring
Neonatologists: introduction, NIRS monitoring, treatment guideline
Radiologists: cerebral ultrasound
Principal investigators: introduction, NIRS monitoring, treatment guideline, ultrasound and brain injury, and Good Clinical Practice in SafeBoosC III

Local certification rates are continuously reported to principal investigators.
Below you will be able to find learning and quiz material for the modules on NIRS monitoring and the treatment guideline.