Other documents

Other documen​​ts

  • Preparing invoices for SafeBoosC (PDF)
  • Invoice SafeBoosC Trial (PDF​)
  • Declaration of self-finance (Word)
  • Monitoring plan (Word)​
  • SafeBoosC Software Manual (PDF)
  • FTP Client Manual (PDF)
  • Investigators Brochures ( 01.02.12 PDF,  22.03.12 PDF,  24.04.12 PDF​)
  • Manual for using OpenClinica for SafeBoosC data entry (PD​​F)
  • Open Clinica Manual for monitors (PDF)
  • SafeBoosC offline version of CRF (PDF)
  • SafeBoosC CRF Trail (PDF​)
  • Data Monitoring and Safety Committee Charter (PDF)
  • SafeboosC NIRS Software validation report (PDF)
  • Sample log (Word​)​​