Fetal exposure and postnatal diseases

​This new important area aims to investigate how different types of foetal exposures influence morbidity and mortality in infants and adults. 

Our focus is different types of maternal medical exposures, surgery before pregnancy, maternal age and in vitro fertilisation, for postnatal morbidity. 

Current projects

Sexual assault
Sexual assault. A descriptive study of 2000 woman seen at a Danish Center in a 10-year period 
Project Responsible: Mie-Louise Larsen

​Fetal exposures and childhood diseases
​A Danish national cohort study on neonatal outcome in singleton pregnancies with placenta previa
Project Responsible: Professor Oejvind Lidegaard

Obstetrical and neonatal outcomes in women undergoing gastric bypass. A controlled national cohort study
Project Responsible: Janne Foss Berlac

Antidepressants affect Apgar score independently of maternal depression
Project Responsible: Hans Moerch Jensen

The effects of maternal depression and use of antidepressants during pregnancy on risk of a child small for gestational age
Project Responsible: Hans Moerch Jensen

Diseases influencing female fertility by increasing age
Project Responsible: Liv la Cour Moeller

Risk of stillbirth and perinatal death among 92.000 children conceived after assisted reproductive technology in Nordic countries
Project Responsible: Anna Karina Henningsen

Ovarian reserve and risk of trisomy pregnancies
Project Responsible: Anna Karina Henningsen

The influence of maternal age on child morbidity
Project Responsible: Malene Meisner Hviid

Responsible editor