Early pregnancy

​The focus of our research is the long term reproductive prognosis in women with different gynaecological diseases, inter-generational studies on transmission of gynaecological diseases from mother to daughters, as well as consequences of adverse reproductive outcomes.

Current projects

Early pregnancy
Early pregnancy and abortion. Annual report 2012
Project Responsible: Oejvind Lidegaard

The predictive value of bleeding in early pregnancy for postnatal morbidity in the offspring. A National follow-up study
Project Responsible: Oejvind Lidegaard

Ecotopic pregnancy
Long-term reproductive outcomes in women whose first pregnancy is ectopic: a national controlled follow-up study
Project Responsible: Line Lund Kaarhus

Impact of ectopic pregnancy for reproductive prognosis in next generation. A national controlled inter-generational follow-up
Project Responsible: Line Lund Kaarhus

Improved reproductive long-term prognosis after a first ectopic pregnancy
Project Responsible: Pia Egerup 

Induced abortion
First-time first-trimester induced abortion and risk of readmission ​to a psychiatric hospital in women with a history of treated mental disorder
Project Responsible: Tine Munk-Olsen


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