About Department of Gynaecology and our approach



​The Department of Gynaecology is one out of three gynaecological departments in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Rigshospitalet is responsible for the acute gynaecological function for Rigshospitalet and for the coverage area of Frederiksberg Hospital.

  • Outpatient department for acutely referred patients - Acute Admission Ward (AMA)
  • Outpatient department for referred patients
  • A special acute outpatient department for cancer patients. Referred patients are examined within three days and a plan for diagnostic evaluation is established right away
  • Two wards for admitted and operated patients  
  • Centre for Victims of Sexual Assault 

​Our approach
The Department of Gynaecology is a highly specialised unit in the region with ambitions to continuously develop the gynaecological speciality at international level through research, development and training. The department focuses on evidence-based diagnostic evaluation and treatment as well as patient-and-family-centred treatment and care.​

The Department of Gynaecology will continue to be a place where the patient is met as someone with individual needs, and someone who for a short or long period of time of his or her life requires our help.

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