ESGO-EBCOG accredited as training department.


Training in laparoscopic surgery 
Course in vaginal hysterectomy for physicians and floor nurses
  1. ​Course in feedback
  2. Course in communication techniques and strategies
  3. Course in the difficult conversation

Training at the departments of gynaecological obstetrics

The department participates in the following formal training programmes:

  • The bachelor of profession programme in nursing care
  • The bachelor of profession programme in midwifery,
  • Training of medical students​
  • Continuing training of nurses and widwives for specialist assignments
  • Training of sonographers
  • Medical specialist training in gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Medical specialist training in general medicine
  • Medical expert training programmes.

The department also carries out a wide range of other cross-disciplinary and professional courses, including:
  • Multiprofessional obstetric training in emergency obstetric  
    Continuing training i​n gynaecology and ​o​bstetrics for midwives and nurses 
  • Virtual reality laparoscopic training ​
Development of quality in training is a prioritised area and the department has a research-based approach to continued development in the training area. Strategy and action plan for development of training.

Strategy and action plan for training

The objective of the Juliane Marie Centre is to ensure that training is an integral part of the clinical professional and research activities at all levels, including conferences, ward rounds, outpatient functions, and patient treatment and care. 

Areas of special interest:
  • Providing competency development and transparent career paths for all professional groups
  • Supporting the development strategies of secretaries
  • Strengthening academic skills of nurses, midwives and laboratory technologists
  • Having a research-based approach to continued development within the training area
  • Developing offers for teachers on pedagogics and relevant upgrading of skills for supervisors
  • Strengthening introduction of new employees
  • Developing cross-disciplinary pregraduate offers
  • Developing cross-disciplinary simulation-based training and certification within selected areas, e.g. in laparoscopic surgery and ultrasound and acute paediatrics 
  • Developing e-learning and IT competencies 
  • Drawing attention to training initiatives on the website

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