Group of Skeletal, Mineral and Gonadal Endocrinology

The group of skeletal, mineral and gonadal endocrinology is part of the Dept. of Growth and Reproduction, at Rigshospitalet, 

Our group has a huge interest in calcium and vitamin D physiology and the endocrine crosstalk between gonads, pituitary, kidney and bone. We have identified factors involved in calcium or bone physiology in the gonads and the pituitary gland, which implies that drugs normally used to treat calcium metabolic disorders or osteoporosis may have novel reproductive, endocrine or even indications in patients with different forms of cancer. Our approach is translational, which means that we use basic molecular studies in cells and rodent models to understand the physiology, site and mechanism of action and subsequently try to extrapolate it into the clinical setting by doing intervention studies in humans and ultimately Randomized clinical trials in patients. Some of the factors we are working on are: Vitamin D metabolites, Fibroblast growth factor 23, Klotho, Calcium sensing receptor, RANKL, Osteoprotegerin, Sclerostin, LHCGR and several others.

A list of clinical studies can be found here.

Current team members

PhD students: Lasse Bøllehuus Hansen, Li Juhl Mortensen, Ida Marie Boisen, Mette Lorenzen, Christine Hjorth Andreassen, Rune Holt, Nadia Poulsen, Hein Stroomberg (shared)

Master stud.: Gustav Nielsen, Ireen Kooij

Key collaborators

Beate Lanske Harvard University, US
Roland Baron Harvard University, US
Jorma Toppari, Turku University Finland
Geert Carmeliet, Katholicshe University Belgium.
NBCL Nijmegen Holland
Steen Dissing, KU Denmark
Hans Bräuner Osborne KU Denmark
Bjarke Povlsen KU Denmark
Serge Nef Uni. Geneva Schweiz

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