We treat patients with various disorders affecting growth and carry out research on genetic and hormonal determinants of growth.

The department treats about 300 patients with growth hormones. This includes patients with a congenital growth hormone deficiency and patients with growth hormone deficiency caused by radiation of the brain or brain tumour surgery.

 In addition, growth hormone treatment has been approved for a number of other patient categories, such as girls with Turner syndrome, short children born SGA (Small for Gestational Age), children who are short due to a chronic kidney disease and children with Prader-Willis syndrome. 

On the research part, we focus on IGF-I, IGF-I binding proteins and the importance of growth hormone receptor polymorphisms for pre- and postnatal growth patterns.

Head of Department, Professor Anders Juul is the initiator and main coordinator of the North-European Multicenter Study of Growth Hormone Treatment in SGA children. ​

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