About Department of Growth and Reproduction

At the Department of Growth and Reproduction, clinical work goes hand in hand with research. In the department's outpatient clinic, we take in children from all over Denmark with growth problems and hormonal diseases, and patients with medical diseases in the male reproductive organs, such as infertility and insufficient sex hormone production.

In the research unit, we get inspired by the health problems our patients face, and seek to understand the aetiologies behind diseases linked to growth and reproduction.

We always aim to give patients the best possible treatment, with short or no waiting time at the outpatient clinic and easy access to physicians and nurses.

​​​The department houses: 

  • A DANAK accredited hormone laboratory, which conducts analyses of hormones in the blood 
  • A DANAK accredited cytological/histological laboratory, which studies testicular tissue 
  • A DANAK accredited semen laboratory, which conducts semen analyses
  • A sperm bank, which freezes sperm from patients before radiotherapy or chemotherapy 
  • A DANAK accredited molecular biology laboratory, which conducts genetic studies relevant for the department's expert areas
  • A DANAK accredited chemical analytical laboratory, which analyses chemical substances in for example breast milk, urine and serum​