Research overview and current projects

The research carried out at this department is mainly related to the following areas and subjects within anaesthesia, critical care and pain management.


​Research areas

  • Pe​diatric pain management (contact persons: Chief Consultant Steen Henneberg, MD, MDSc & PhD student Bettina Nygaard Nielsen)
  • Obstetric pain management (contact persons: Kim Ekelund MD, Phd; Arash Afshari MD, Phd & Charlotte Albrechtsen, MD)
  • Perioperative transfusion, bleeding and coagulation management (contact persons: Arash Afshari, MD, PhD; Kim Ekelund, MD, PhD)
  • Infection disease prevention and treatment in regards to permanent vascular access (contact persons: Arash Afshari, MD, PhD & Volker Classen, MD)
  • Airway management (contact persons: Marguerite Ellekvist, MD & Arash Afshari, MD, PhD)
  • Systematic reviews and evidence based medicine (contact person: Arash Afshari, MD, PhD)
  • Emergency Medicine (contact person: Peter Hallas, MD)
  • Simulation and team training in anaesthesia and obstetrics (contact persons: Kim Ekelund, Charlotte Albrecthsen, Jette Led Soerensen) 
  • Resuscitation (contact person: )
  • Anaesthesia for laparoscopy in children (contact person: )
  • ​Management of paediatric postoperative agitation and pain (contact persons: Bettina Nygaard Nielsen, Cand Pharm, PhD, Arash Afshani, MD, PhD)
For more detailed information, please contact the above mentioned subject responsible staff at the department.​

International research collaboration

​The clinic is actively involved in research within the auspices of the European Society of Anesthesiology ESA); the European taskforce on perioperative bleeding management and the Cochrane collaboration. There is a close participation within other international organisations such as the European resuscitation council (ERC) and European society of pediatric ana​esthesia (ESPA) and The Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine (SSAI).

Current research projects

​The department of anaesthesiology and surgical clinic is currently involved in following research projects:

  1. ​The FIB-PPH multicentre post-partum study
  2. DIFICARE trial (airway management and risk assessment)
  3. ETPOS study
  4. Cochrane systematic reviews
  5. Retrospective database epidemiological studies on postpartum bleeding
  6. Paediatric pain management
  7. Simulation in Emergency Obstetrics and Anaesthesia 
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