PhD Bettina Nygaard Nielsen

​Bettina Nygaard Nielsen is a clinical pharmacist and has as a part of her PhD project been an integral part of the Paediatric Pain Service,  at the Department of Anaesthesiology,  Juliane Marie Centre, Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the PhD research project two novel pharmaceutical formulations of well-known analgesics have beendeveloped for children with cancer-related pain and procedural pain. The paediatric formulations have been investigated in clinical trials, including exploratory pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic trials and a randomised controlled trial.

Research areas of interest include:

  • ​​Pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain management in acute, procedural, persistent (chronic), cancer-related and palliative pain in children.


Contact information

Phone: +45 3545 9546​

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