About the Department of Anaesthesiology

​​The department is particularly known for its contribution to pain management of children following surgery, and pain management of children with cancer and blood diseases.​


This function is managed by a pain nurse with specialist training together with a group of experienced physicians.

The department is one out of four anaesthesia and surgery units with an acute function for newborns with congenital abnormalities, children with cancer and blood diseases, as well as young children with general surgical disorders.

The department also provides anaesthetic and surgical services to the following patient groups:

  • Women’s diseases (gynaecology and obsterics)
  • Births
  • Cancer diseases (in children)
  • Blood diseases 
  • Paediatric surgery and medical children’s diseases.

In addition, the department carries out a number of other assignments such as pain treatment and application of various catheters, necessary in the treatment of patients with cancer diseases.​

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