Conditions and treatments


The department assists in operation and anaesthesia of: 

  • Children who are primarily admitted for urological and gastrointestinal surgical procedures, congenital abnormalities and haematological/oncologistical diagnostics and treatment of children. 
  • Women who are admitted for gynaecological procedures, particularly ovary cancer and other gynaecological cancer diseases and endometriosis. 
  • Women in labour, women in need of Caesare​an sections and other operations in connection with giving birth.
  • Oncological and haematological patients (children and adults) for application of permanent intravenous access, diagnostics and treatment.
  • Anaesthetic service for the radiotherapy department, the X-ray and clinical physiology department. 

The department has a special Unit for Pain in Children and it works specifically with pain treatment of children and assists in pain-related procedures involving children. Read more about this (in Danish)​​​.​​​
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