Conditions and treatments

​The Department of Thoracic Anaesthesiology is responsible for the following treatments and projects​.


​Anaesthesia for heart, lung and oesophagus operations and anaesthesia for minor procedures, such as bronchoscopy. 

Increasing activity in cardiothoracic laboratory due to procedures with percutaneous aortic valve replacement, percutaneous mitral valve plastic and extensive ICD test activity. 

Giving anaesthesia to all ages from 0 to 100+ years and all weights from 0 to 150+ kg 

Leading a cardiothoracic intensive care department with 19 beds and 4,700 intensive care days per year. Treating all ages, sizes and conditions in the cardiothoracic area. 

Joining the donor team travelling throughout Scandinavia in the autumn 2010. 

Perfusion team headed by the internationally experienced Matthew Davis. This team performs standard perfusion, ECMO on adults with Medos Deltastream + Levtronic when necessary and even handles neonatal ECMO in corporation with the general neonatal intensive ward.

Active  in airway management both in  teaching (Rigshospitalet’s airway management course) and in the industrial development team at AMBU.

Responsible editor