About the Department of Thoracic Anaesthesiology

​The Department of Thoracic Anaesthesiology works in the field of anesthesia and intensive care for patients treated in the Centre for Cardiac, Vascular, Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.​​
​The department treats both children and adults in the full spectrum of our profession, including transplants of heart and lung, ECMO and artificial mechanical heart (Heartmate II). 

We are committed to helping patients through treatment with as little pain and discomfort as possible. We do our utmost to improve our patients’ health and comfort.

Each year the department performs 1,200 major classic thoracic operations, 1,100 heart operations and 2,000 minor procedures in general anaesthesia.

The department has five OR rooms for primary cardiac anesthesia, two rooms for classic thoracic anaesthesia, three rooms for percutaneous cardiac procedures, such as ablation, ICD, aortic valve or mitralvalve treatment. 

The department has 19 intensive care beds and 7 medical beds with intensive anaesthecic service.

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